Flow of Criminal Cases Committed by Adults

Flow of Criminal Cases Committed by Adults 〈Figure 1〉

Percentage Breakdown of Cases (Offenders) Handled at the Public Prosecutors Offices Across the Country (2013)
 Figure 1 shows the flow of criminal offenses committed by adults.

(1)Police etc.

 All cases in which the police etc. arrests suspects and conducts necessary investigations are transferred to public prosecutors, in principle.

(2)Public Prosecutors Office

 Public prosecutors conduct necessary investigations on the cases transferred from the police and determine whether or not to indict the accused based on the law and evidence. At times, they themselves detect criminal cases or conduct investigations on the cases which have been charged or accused.


 The courts hold hearings at public trials, and when they recognize the accused as guilty, the courts hand down the sentence such as death penalty, penal servitude, imprisonment or fine. In the case of penal servitude or imprisonment for three years or less, the prison term may be suspended due to extenuating circumstances, and probation may be given during the period of suspended sentence.
 In the case of a relatively minor offense, the court may decide to examine the case through summary proceedings as long as the accused has no objection.


 After the accused is convicted, the punishment will be administered under the direction of public prosecutors. As a general rule, punishment, including imprisonment, with or without prison work, or detention is enforced at penal institutions like prisons. Penal institutions help inmates to reform themselves and to re-integrate into community through correctional treatments.
 Those who are incapable of paying the full amount of penalty or fine will be detained in a workhouse attached to a penal institution.

(5)Probation Offices

 Inmates may be allowed to be released on parole in accordance with the decision by the regional parole board even before the expiration of their term, and parolees are placed under supervision while they are on parole. Also, those who have been given a suspended sentence on the condition of probation are placed under probationary supervision during the period of suspension, after the sentence has been settled.
 These parolees/probationers receive guidance and assistance from the probation officers of probation offices and volunteer probation officers and pursue rehabilitation and a smooth return to society.

(6)Women’s Guidance Home

 Adult females who have been taken into custody for violating the Anti-Prostitution Act are detained in women’s guidance homes and will be placed on probation when they are granted parole release.

Number of Newly Committed Inmates, by Offense (2013)

Number of Persons Newly Commencing Their Probation/Parole According to Offense Types (2013)