Further Improvement of Juvenile Correction

Q: Recently, I frequently hear about juvenile crimes on the news. Have you been taking any measures?

A: The Ministry of Justice has been strengthening efforts toward the prevention of re-offending by changing laws.

Establishment of New Juvenile Training Schools Act and Juvenile Classification Homes Act

 In accordance with “A Proposal of the Expert Committee Considering Juvenile  Corrections” in 2010, “Integrated Measures for Repeated Crime Prevention” in 2012, and “The Strategy to Make ‘Japan the Safest Country in the World” in 2013, etc., the new Juvenile Training Schools Act and the Juvenile Classification Homes Act were established on June 4, 2014. Under these Acts, the Ministry will progress 1) the improvement of treatment toward re-offending prevention, 2) the implementation of appropriate treatment and 3) the promotion of open management of facilities.

Improvement of Correctional Education, etc. in Juvenile Training Schools

 Juvenile training schools have developed and introduced correctional education programs for juveniles who have turned to drug-related or sexual delinquency, and improved the education etc. from victims’ point of view. The correctional education is appropriately implemented in accordance with the problematical aspects and the development level of the mind and body of each juvenile. The schools will continue to develop and implement various education programs according to the characteristics of juveniles.
 Furthermore, as one of the measures for re-offending prevention, the schools will work to enhance the support of juveniles’ rehabilitation into society, such as job assistance which aims to crystallize their future life planning, the improvement of examination guidance for a Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates as well as educational support.

Enhancement of Assessments of Juveniles and Community Support Activities by Juvenile

 Juvenile classification homes are working to enhance their ability of assessment on juveniles for re-offending prevention by developing and introducing a new assessment method, “Ministry of Justice Case Assessment Tool (MJCA)” in order to grasp the possibility of re-offending and educational needs of each juvenile. The homes are also working to enhance the treatment for re-offending prevention by conducting assessment of juveniles under protective measures in response to requests from juvenile training schools, probation offices, etc.
 Furthermore, the home provides counseling and consultation services to juveniles and their families on various youth problems (delinquency, misbehavior, family upbringing problems, troubles in a workplace or at school, problems with friends, etc.). Moreover, the staff of the home provides explanation about various topics such as delinquency, child-rearing, or educational and instructional methods for youth at workshops or lectures held by schools or youth related organizations.
 If you are seeking help, please feel free to contact the nearby juvenile classification home.