A year has passed since the enforcement of the Act on the Promotion of Efforts to Eliminate Unfair Discriminatory Speech and Behavior against Persons Originating from Outside Japan

1 Efforts against hate speech

Discriminatory speech and behavior about excluding specific ethnic groups or nationalities has become a public concern as "hate speech". Such speech and behavior not only causes a feeling of anxiety or repugnance but could violate human dignity or generate a sense of discrimination.

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice have actively engaged in various awareness-raising and PR activities to show hate speech should not be tolerated in an easily understandable manner. (Please see details of the "Promotion activities focusing on hate speech" from here.)

  Poster "Stop Hate Speech"                                       Brochure "Hate speech around us"


2 Expanding Human Rights Counseling Offices for Foreigners

The number of foreigners entering Japan has been increasing over the years and reached 23.22million (including those who re-entered) in 2016, making a record-high. In this situation, due to differences in language, religion, custom and other factors, various human rights problems regarding foreigners have occurred.

Based on these circumstances, the human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice expanded the "Human Rights Counseling Offices for Foreigners" from 10 to 50 offices in April 2017. Since then, each Legal Affairs Bureaus and District Legal Affairs Bureaus has established the Counseling Office and has responded to a consultation by foreigners. The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice have also responded to a consultation by phone through "Foreign Language Human Rights Hotline". (Please see details of the "Human rights counseling for foreigners" from here.)