Call For Papers And Presenters

The Third World Congress organizers invite individuals, agencies and organizations interested in presenting papers at the workshop sessions to submit proposals.

In the workshop sessions, up to eight sessions will be held in line with the workshop themes. Workshop sessions are held in parallel, with up to four simultaneous presentations per 120 or 135 (tentative) minute block. When workshop sessions have multiple presenters, allocated time will be divided among the presenters. If you wish to submit your proposal, please submit an abstract of your presentation (2,500 characters including spaces) through the following website:

Proposals must be submitted via our website. Please do not email your submission to the Third World Congress organizers.

To submit a proposal, you must create a profile via this website. You may submit up to two proposals for consideration. Always remember to save your submission before closing the page.

The submission deadline for all abstracts is January 31, 2017.
Please read our Guidelines for Submission before submitting.



  • Each workshop session will be 120 minutes or 135 minutes, but actual time allocations for each presenter will be determined based on the number of presenters selected for each workshop.
  • Focusing on the main theme, the organizers welcome abstracts from practitioners, researchers and academics including the non-governmental sector, international agencies and/or consultants, as well as any other interested individuals involved in probation and community corrections.
  • Proposals are welcome for individual or co-authored papers.
  • In order to maximize the exchange of information and learning opportunities for all participants, each workshop session may consist of multiple individuals/organizations.
  • You may submit up to two proposals for consideration.

Submissions must be in English, including:

  1. The abstract submission form completed in its entirety. Please be concise and on point (no longer than 2,500 characters).
  2. A short professional biography (no longer than 1,000 characters) for the speakers and co-speaker(s) intending to participate in the presentation.

The information you submit here will be reviewed by organizers and advisors.
If your proposal is accepted, you will be requested to submit ‘Abstract Summary’ (A short summary of your abstract, no longer than 1,000 characters) which will be printed in the conference program.

Selection and Notification

All workshop proposals will be reviewed rigorously by organizers and advisors who are international experts of probation and community corrections. Selection will be based on relevance to the congress’s main theme and workshop themes, as well as the balance of the type of presenters (diverse contents and perspectives, backgrounds and geographical diversity) and the schedule of each workshop session.

When submitting proposals, presenters are encouraged to indicate the workshop session in which they would like to present. However, the presenter’s choice of workshop session cannot be guaranteed. The organizers reserve the right to assign presenters to any of the congress workshops.

Timeline of Submission and Notification

  • Closing date for submissions – 31 January 2017
  • Review of the abstracts by organizers and international advisors – by 31 March 2017
  • Notification of proposal acceptance or decline – early April
  • Program slot and timing notification - end of July

Once you have completed all of the fields, please click the "confirm" button. We will notify the primary speaker of our decision. If your abstract is accepted, we will contact you for more information if necessary.


The working language of the congress is English. If you wish to present in a language other than English, you are asked to provide your own interpreter.


Please note that all workshop presenters will be required to cover their own expenses for congress registration fees, travel and accommodation.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to the organizers via email at

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