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What are offender rehabilitation support centers?

 Offender rehabilitation support centers are bases for volunteer probation officers and associations to conduct offender rehabilitation activities in conjunction with relevant local institutions and organizations. In many cases, volunteer probation officer associations are granted rent-free office space in municipal or public institutions, and experienced volunteer probation officers are stationed there for planning, coordination and to construct regional networks in collaboration with related organizations to support the treatment activities.
 In addition, they are also used as meeting places for offender rehabilitation volunteers including volunteer probation officers and as places to provide information about offender rehabilitation activities.
 In existence since FY 2008, 459 locations have been set up nationwide as of FY 2016. In the 2017 budget, there are plans to establish 42 new locations for a total of 501 throughout the country.

Offender rehabilitation support center

Outside a support center
Inside a support center
Interview room 1
Interview room 2
Consultation between volunteer probation officers in a support center
Volunteer probation officers’ association meeting in a support center

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