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Review and Prospect of Internal and External Situations (issued in January 2007)


  1. Overall Situations of Public Security in 2006
  2. Focal Issues of International Public Security in 2006
    1. North Korea and Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan)
    (1) Situations of North Korea become tense as a result of the missile launches and nuclear test
    (2) In North Korea, “instability” factors continue to increase
    (3) Japan-North Korea relationships become further aggravated due to North Korea's nuclear test
    (4) China-North Korea relations turn into mutual distrust and deepened antipathy in complete contrast to “friendly ties”
    (5) North and South Korean relationship wanders due to North's missile and nuclear issues
    (6) In an unfavorable situation, Chongryon tries to strengthen solidarity and control of its organizations
    2. China
  3. (1) President Hu Jintao sets the goal of building a “harmonious society” while seeking to strengthen the foundation of his regime
    (2) China aims at expanding its influence in international society by strengthening relationships with developing countries, etc., while keeping cooperative ties with the United States
    (3) In resumed Japan-China summit talks, China emphasizes “improving bilateral relations.” Announces the establishment of a “strategic reciprocal relationship” between the two countries
    (4) With the critical situation around Taiwan's Chen Shui-bian administration in the background, China's “peaceful unification” further infiltrating into Taiwan
    3. Russia
    Russia makes efforts to display the significance of its presence by hosting the G8 summit
    4. Middle East and Asia
    (1) The security situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, extremely serious now, despite the inauguration of new government
    (2) Uncertainty over the future course of Iran's nuclear development
    (3) Deepening turmoil over Middle East peace process
    (4) Deteriorating security in Afghanistan
    5. International Terrorism
    (1) The Threat of Islamic extremism spreading through the world
    (2) Stepped-up counter-terrorism measures by Japan and other developed nations
  4. Focal Issues of Domestic Public Security Situation in 2006
    1. Aum Shinrikyo
  5. (1) A (second) extension for the surveillance period decided. Aum Shinrikyo still maintains its dangerous nature
    (2) Asahara's death sentence finalized, but no change in the member's faith in Asahara. As the reality of execution sets in, the possibility of illegal cases arises
    (3) From the conflict of opinions on the cult's management, Joyu expresses his plan to establish “a new organization”
    2. The Japanese Communist Party and Radical Leftist Groups
    (1) The Japanese Communist Party and radical leftist groups intensify the protests against Japan-U.S. agreement on the realignment of U.S. forces in Japan
    (2) The Japanese Communist Party and radical leftist groups exercise anti-war and anti-nuclear movements taking up the deployment of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) in Iraq and North Korea's nuclear test
    (3) The Japanese Communist Party and radical leftist groups criticize the government regarding important bills such as the national referendum, the amendment of the Fundamental Law of Education and the newly established “conspiracy offense”
    (4) Radical leftist groups make efforts to enhance organizational basis, controlling internal conflicts
    (5) JCP infiltrates people criticizing LDP or supporting no parties
    (6) Japanese Red Army shifting focus on Palestine issue again
    (7) Anti-globalization groups focus on exchanges with overseas groups and enhancement of the basis for their movements
    3. Right-wing Groups
    Right-wing groups cause heinous crimes, focusing on diplomatic and territorial issues
  6. Public Security Intelligence Agency's Activities in 2006 and Planned Activities for Future Implementation

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