20th Meeting (December 14, 2010)

Civil Code Reform


Discussion on individual issues relating to the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform.

Summary of minutes

Members discussed on the following individual items relating to the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform based on Material No.19-1 (provided at the 19th Meeting) and No.20-1.

1.Continuous Contracts
General discussion on whether there is a necessity to make provisions on continuous contracts.
Discussions on termination of continuous contracts without a contract period, termination of continuous contracts with a contract period, and effects of cancellation.
Other issues (contracts on performance by installments, and continuous contracts with multiple parties).

2.Influences given to provisions on statutory claims

Necessity to review provisions on statutory claims to the extent that revisions may be necessary owing to reforms of provisions on contracts.

3.Provisions on consumers and businesses

General discussion on necessity to establish provisions on consumers and businesses.
Whether to establish special provisions on consumer contracts.
Discussion on special provisions on businesses (special provisions on contracts between businesses, special provisions when one party of a contract is a business, and special provisions applied to certain business operated by businesses).

4.Placement of provisions
Whether to review placement of provisions of the Civil Code.


Whether there is any issue to be discussed in addition to issues having been discussed.


Material No.20-1 Items to be discussed for the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform (15)[under preparation].