22nd Meeting (January 25, 2011)

Civil Code Reform


Discussion on individual issues relating to the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform.

Summary of minutes

Members discussed on the following individual items relating to the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform based on Material No.22.  Concrete topics for the discussion are as follows (the numbers are consecutive from the issues discussed in the 21st Meeting):


11Assignment of claims

12Provisions on securities-like claims

13Assumption of obligations

14Transfer (assignment) of contractual status




18Release and merger

19Necessity to correspond to sophisticated and complex situation of means of ettlement (About the issue on settlement among multiple parties)

20General principles on contracts

21Stage of contract negotiation

22Offer and acceptance

23Advertisements offering prizes

24General conditions (definition and requirements)

25General principles on juridical acts

26Mental capacity

27Manifestation of intention


Among the issues presented in Material No.22, discussion on “No.28 Regulation of Unfair Terms” was left to the next meeting.


Material No.22 Working draft for the interim report of points at issue on the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform (2) [under preparation].