24th Meeting (February 22, 2011)

Civil Code Reform


   Discussion on individual issues relating to the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform.

Summary of minutes

Members discussed on the following individual items relating to the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform based on Material No.23 (deliberated at the 23rd Meeting) and Material No.24.  Concrete topics for the discussion are as follows (the numbers are consecutive from the issues discussed in the 22nd Meeting):


Issue from Material No.23

42. Lease


Issues from Material No.24

44. General discussion on contract in a form of rendering services (employment, contracts to produce work, mandates, and deposits)

45. Contracts to produce work

46. Mandates

47. Provisions for contracts rendering services in lieu of quasi-mandates

48. Employment

49. Deposits

50. Partnerships

51. Life annuities

52. Settlement

53. New types of contracts

54. Purpose of claims

55. Principle of changes in circumstances

56. Defense of insecurity

57. Liquidated damages (Article 420 and 421 of the Civil Code)

58. Interpretation of contracts

59. Contracts for a third party

60. Continuous contracts

61. Influences on provisions on statutory claims

62. Provisions on consumers and businesses

63. Arrangement of provisions


Material No.24 Working draft for the interim report of points at issue on the Civil Code (law of obligations) reform (4) [under preparation].