Enrichment and Development of Law-Related Education

Law-Related Education

 Law-related education aims to enable citizens who are not legal professionals to understand laws, the judicial system, and the values that underlie them. 

The Importance of Law-Related Education

 Following the reforms in various fields and deregulation in Japan, it has become more crucial to prevent disputes, and to solve them in a fair way based on law, once they occur.
 Furthermore, as is symbolized by the saiban-in system (see page 24), it is essential for every citizen to take an active role in the judicial system so that it is supported nationally. This has made law-related education, which aims to give citizens a deeper understanding of laws and the judicial system, more important. The Courses of Study, the national curriculum standard, provides that students study about the basic concept of laws, the significance of public involvement in judicial proceedings, and the importance of contract.
 Considering the importance of law-related education, the Ministry of Justice is working on its improvement and development. The Ministry will keep on with its efforts to improve the contents of law-related education, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and other relevant organizations.

The Law-Related Education Promotion Council

 The Law-Related Education Promotion Council established by the Ministry of Justice aims to enhance the opportunities to learn about laws and the judicial system and to promote law-related education in school, through its activities such as developing teaching materials for law-related education.
 The Ministry of Justice will continue its efforts to involve citizens, including those who take part in education.

The mascot for law-related education “Hourisu-kun”

The mascot for law-related education “Hourisu-kun”

  The mascot for law-related education was chosen through a popularity vote. “Hourisu-kun” will play an active role to make law-related education seem more familiar to the general public. Why don’t you join and enjoy law-related education class with “Hourisu-kun” ?