Declaration “No Return to Crime, No Facilitation of a Return to Crime” (Toward a Bright Society by Everyone Supporting Rehabilitation)

 To realize “Japan the Safest Country in the World,” where crimes are not repeated, above all where no new victim is created as well as where the citizens can live safely in peace, it is indispensable to create social environment where everyone can accept those who committed crimes or turned to delinquency once again in natural manners without rejecting and isolating them as responsible members of the society (RE-ENTRY).
 For the realization of such society, the declaration “No Return to Crime, No Facilitation of a Return to Crime” was approved at the Ministerial Meeting Concerning Measures Against Crime held in December 2014.

 In the declaration, the following targets are articulated to secure “occupation” and a “place to belong,” which are the keys to prevent re-offending, by 2020:
  1. triple the number of companies which are willing to employ those who have committed crimes or turned to delinquency by understanding their conditions
  2. reduce the number of those who return to society from prisons without no place to go back by more than 30 percent.

 The declaration explicitly asks for the efforts of the country and support from the citizens by setting the above two numerical goals.
 The prevention of re-offending is not an easy aim, however, this is an issue which we should never give up.
 The Ministry of Justice will face this issue squarely and will continue to tackle and advance the problem by gaining understanding and cooperation of the citizens as much as possible for the realization of “Japan the Safest Country in the World.”


Representatives of individual organizations, receiving the prime minister’s of message, asking for the understanding and cooperation of Re-Offending Prevention Measures(Publicity Poster for the "The Brighter Society Campaign 65th" Central Promotion Committee)