Taking a poll on the logo design of the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum 2020

April 2019
International Affairs Division Ministry of Justice

The poll on the logo design for the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum has closed. We appreciate your vote.

The Kyoto Congress Youth Forum will be taking place preciding the Kyoto Congress in April 2020. In the Youth Forum, high school students and university students from around the world gather at the venue of the Kyoto Congress, and discuss topics relevant to the Kyoto Congress. The MOJ will start to take a poll on the logo design for the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum. As shown below, each candidate logo is inspired by "Daimonnji no Okuribi(farewell fire)" and "Crane". Please cast your vote on the MOJ twitter or E-mail for your favorite logo design. We look forward to many votes from students.

Voting period

From 5th April to 15th April

How to vote

proposed logo design

Daimonji no okuribi
(motif of "Daimonji no Okuribi")
A combination of Kyoto's traditional "Daimonji no Okuribi(farewell fire)" and goal colors from SDGs.

The word "大 (Dai)" is composed of the shape of a person with both hands and legs extended, and it is associated with young people in the world well connected with the stretched arms.

(motif of the "crane")

Cranes are carved in Karamon, an important cultural property building in Nijo Castle in Kyoto , and a symbol of young people flying around the world.

A "Crane" has been regarded as an auspicious animal representing longevity from old times.