The logo of the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum has been decided(April 19, 2019).

The logo of the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum

The logo of the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum

This logo incorporates a crane and was chosen as the official logo of the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum after a vote conducted on Twitter and by e-mail from April 5th to 15th, 2019.

The meaning of the logo

The Kyoto Congress Youth Forum logo consists of the SDGs color-wheel, the symbol of the United Nations (UN) Crime Congress and a crane, an auspicious bird, envisaged to represent our youth spreading their wings and flying across the world.

Guidelines for using this logo

1 Usage of the logo
  The Kyoto Congress Youth Forum logo may be used in accordance with the following guidelines upon receipt of written permission from the Ministry of Justice of Japan.
(Criteria for using the logo)
  The logo may be used for projects or publications related to the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum, subject to the approval of Ministry of Justice of Japan and any conditions imposed in conjunction with the use.
2 Procedure for using the logo
  To request permission, please submit an application using the designated forms along with necessary documents to the Ministry of Justice of Japan by post or email. Please make sure that the application reaches the Ministry of Justice of Japan three (3) weeks before the usage of the logo. The Ministry of Justice will inform you whether permission has been granted.
The logo may be used without permission in the following cases:
 (1) by the UN or by relevant criminal justice organizations, including each UN member state’s national police agency, ministry of justice or ministry of foreign affairs.
 (2) by the Prefecture of Kyoto, the City of Kyoto, the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kyoto Convention Bureau, and the Kyoto International Conference Center.
 (3) As otherwise determined by the Office of the Kyoto Congress Organizing Committee.

3 Terms and Conditions
 (1) The original application documents submitted will not be returned to applicants. Please make copies if needed.
 (2) Each applicant granted permission to use the logo assumes full responsibility of using the logo and implementing the project within the scope of the guidelines and in compliance with any additional conditions imposed by the Ministry of Justice of Japan. The Ministry of Justice and UN Congress co-hosts assume no responsibility for the use of the logo by applicants who have been granted permission to use it. Each applicant agrees to indemnify and hold the Ministry of Justice and all UN Congress co-hosts harmless from any and all liabilities, including attorneys’ fees, court costs, litigation expenses, and so forth, that arise as a result of the applicant’s use of the logo.
 (3) If there is any change to the purpose or usage of the logo, or in case the project is cancelled, please inform of the Ministry of Justice.
 (4) Even if permission is granted, the permission will be immediately revoked and the logo will be recalled in case of false application, use outside the scope of application or violation of other conditions.
 (5) Additional usage requirements: (a) you may not alter the logo; (b) please leave enough space between the logo and words or other designs; (c) please make sure that words contained within the logo are legible when reducing the image size.

Application forms
Application form for using the Kyoto Congress Youth Forum logo [PDF][WORD]
Form to change or cancel the use of the logo [PDF][WORD]

The Kyoto Congress Youth Forum logo


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