The inauguration ceremony of International Justice Center was held on Monday, November 27, 2017.

The inauguration ceremony of International Justice Center (IJC) newly established in Akishima City, Tokyo was held on Monday, November 27, 2017. More than one hundred and fifty guests and relevant officials attended the ceremony: officials of Ministry of Justice (MOJ) such as Mr. Yasuhiro HANASHI, State Minisiter of Jusitce, Mr. Ryotaro SUGI, Special Correctional Superintendent Supervisor, Mr. Takashi YAMASHITA, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Justice, and Mr. Hiromu KUROKAWA, Vice-Minister of Justice and guests such as Mr. Shinji INOUE and Mr. Kiyoshi ODAWARA, members of the House of Representatives, elected from Akishima City, and Mr. Shinsuke USUI, a mayor of Akishima City.

Main Entrance of Inauguration Ceremony (Government Building of Training Institute for Correctional Personnel)
Prior to the ceremony, the visitors had a guided tour of the IJC, which comprises the Training Institute for Correctional Personnel (TICP), Medical Correction Center in East Japan (MCC East Japan), the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI) / International Cooperation Department (ICD), Research and Training Institute, and the Training Institute of the Public Security Intelligence Agency (PSIA). For example, they visited the International Conference Halls ) of the UNAFEI/ICD and the Dialysis Treatment Room of the MCC East Japan.

Visit to International Conference Hall of UNAFEI/ICD (International Block)

Visit to Dialysis Treatment Room of MCC East Japan
After the tour, the inauguration ceremony was held in the hall of TICP. Mr. Yusuke OKUMURA, Director of MCC East Japan delivered a speech, followed by Minister of Justice’s address (Mr. HANASHI read for the Minister) and PFI operator’s address. Subsequently, both Mr. INOUE and Mr. USUI also made congratulatory addresses. Lastly, Atsushi SATO, Director of Facilities Division of MOJ reported the progress on the construction, including the approach for establishment to Akishima City and Tachikawa City and the completion of construction.

Inauguration Ceremony
TICP, UNAFEI/ICD, Training Institute of PSIA and correctional institutions such as Hachioji Medical Prison were relocated and consolidated into IJC, which is a complex of MOJ facilities, at an old site of U.S.Airforce Tachikawa Base located in Akishima City, Tokyo. This aims at further enhancement of justice administration by promoting efficiency in facility management with a continuous effort to harmonize with communities.

We will develop justice administration by operating IJC with communities and making efforts to improve public understanding of MOJ’s initiatives.

Aerial Photo of IJC