Old Ministry of Justice Building(Red-Brick Building)
 In order to live in this community it is necessary to have rules and regulations. Such rules ensure that family relationships, such as parent and child or brother and sister are accurately registered; that it is possible to live in safety within a house;and that ordered materials can be obtained without fail. It is also essential for the maintenance of peace and order in society that when someone causes an injury or steals property, that person is appropriately punished.

 The Ministry of Justice not only prescribes such basic rules applicable in society but also the creates basic judicial framework under which these rules are faithfully observed. It also assumes responsibility for a broad range of legal work under which those who have been punished are assisted in their resocialization process. The Ministry also oversees the management of a system to help citizens exercise their personal rights, such as the registering of real estate and notarization. Other important duties of the Ministry of Justice include ensuring that the immigration control of those entering or leaving Japan is dealt with in an appropriate manner, the basic human rights of individuals are respected, and intelligence activities are carried out for the purpose of public security.