2. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1 Basic Concept

 The Ministry of Justice collects information on the websites of the Ministry of Justice (hereinafter referred to as the "website") to the extent necessary for smooth operation of the services (provision of information via the website, receipt of various opinions, etc.).
 The collected information is handled appropriately within the scope of the purpose of use.

2 Scope of information to be collected

 (1) The website automatically collects Internet domain names, IP addresses, and other information related to the browsing of the website.
   The cookies (information transmitted from the server to the user's browser to identify the user on the server side and stored on the user's computer) are limited to
   those intended to improve usability and do not include any personal information.
 (2) When using the "Opinions" section, you may be requested to register the name, address, sex, age, occupation, e-mail address, etc. (hereinafter referred to as the
   "user attributes").
 (3) When soliciting opinions, accepting various inquiries, and conducting questionnaires, etc., for each individual case, the user attributes may be registered
   as necessary.
 (4) If you wish to accept applications for public relations events using this site, you may be requested to register user attributes as necessary.

3 Purpose of use

 (1) The information collected in 2. (1) above shall be used as a reference for the smooth operation of the services provided by the Site.
 (2) The opinions gathered in 2. (2) and (3) above will be used as reference for planning future measures and preparing materials, including the user attributes.
   For this reason, the information may be transferred to the relevant bureaus/divisions within the Ministry of Justice.
   E-mail addresses may be used to respond to inquiries and to communicate confirmation.
   In addition, this information may be forwarded to the relevant ministries and agencies depending on the content of the opinions, etc.
 (3) The information collected in 2. (4) above shall be used only when necessary for the smooth implementation of the PR event.

4 Restriction on Use and Provision

 In the event of a request for disclosure pursuant to laws and regulations, unauthorized access, threats, or other unlawful acts, or any other special reason, the collected information shall not be used by the Company itself or provided to a third party for any purpose other than the purpose of use described in 3 above.
 Provided, however, that statistically processed data or opinions regarding access information, opinions and proposals to the Ministry of Justice, and user attributes related thereto (excluding names and e-mail addresses) may be publicized.

5 Safety Measures

 We will take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of collected information and other appropriate control of collected information.

6 Scope of Application

 This Privacy Policy applies only to the website.
 The handling of information by the relevant ministries and agencies is the responsibility of each organization.