People's Republic of Bangladesh

Activities and Results

 For about 20 years, the Ministry of Justice has provided legal technical assistance, mainly to Southeast Asian countries, through technical cooperation projects of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). However, there was no special assistance for Bangladesh.
  Bangladesh has achieved high economic growth in recent years, and the number of Japanese companies entering the country is rapidly increasing, so its importance to Japan is rising. In the Basic Policy on Legal Technical Assistance revised in 2013, Bangladesh was added as one of the priority countries for support, and a comprehensive partnership was established between Japan and Bangladesh in 2014.
 Based on these circumstances, the International Cooperation Department (ICD) has surveyed Bangladesh's judicial system and carried out local surveys since 2013, and has been preparing to start legal technical assistance in Bangladesh, such as inviting the Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs (equivalent to the Minister of Justice of Japan) to Japan to carry out joint research.
 Now, for three years since fiscal year 2017, the ICD has been fully cooperating in the implementation of JICA training in Japan for the purpose of the development of judges and judicial staff, with the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs acting as the implementing agency in Bangladesh.
 At present, the largest problem in the Bangladesh judiciary is the large number of backlogs, but the above training aims to contribute to resolving such problems.