1. Validation of a Certificate

    A person who intends to validate a certificate may request to certify that the certificate is valid (that is, the certificate is not revoked or suspended) at the specific time via online access to the Certification Center. If a certificate is revoked or suspended, it is possible to request the time and reason for revocation or suspension.

    Details of procedures are as follows.

    1. A person who intends to validate a certificate send a request with serial number of the certificate to the Certification Center. It may be possible to permit the person to request certification validation using the company number or the name of the director if the serial number is unknown to the person.
    2. The Certification Center shall retrieve the data from the Revoked Certificate File and the Suspended Certification File, then transmit the following messages, with the registrar's digital signature:

    (i) When the certificate has not been either revoked or suspended, "The certificate has not been invalidated";

    (ii) When the certificate has been revoked, "The certificate was revoked on xxx xx, 19xx because of …."

    (iii) When the certificate has been suspended, "The certificate has been suspended".

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