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Employment Support in Offenders Rehabilitation

Last updated: January 2019

 Because the recidivism rate among unemployed probationers is about four times higher than that of those who are employed (from 2009 to 2013), providing employment support and the securing of employment opportunities is very important for the prevention of the recidivism of probationers.
 Therefore, the Ministry of Justice prioritizes employment support for released prisoners as an important issue and is actively engaged in recruiting cooperating employers who hire probationers.

Employment Support for Released Prisoners

Employment support measures are implemented in cooperation with Japan’s unemployment agency, Hello Work.

 Since 2006, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have collaborated to implement comprehensive employment support measures for released prisoners. This is based on the establishment of a system in which correctional facilities, probation offices, and public employment security offices work together. In addition, besides job placement offices providing job counseling and job introductions for probationers, we are implementing support including (1) seminars and business gatherings, (2) workplace experience workshops, (3) trial employment, and (4) personal references.

Implementation of continuous and detailed support

 At some probation offices, we carry out the “Rehabilitation Protection Employment Support Project”, which provides continuous and detailed support from the entrance of the correction facility to the establishment of the workplace after employment, utilizing private know-how and personal networks. In this project, (1) employment activity support and (2) employment infrastructure development are provided by employment support personnel who have expertise and experience in employment support and employment management for those having difficulties in securing employment.
 In addition, in Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima prefectures where the damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake was great, (3) support for job retention and (4) support for permanent residences are also provided.

Support System for Cooperating Employers

Released prisoner employment incentive for cooperating employers

 Cooperating employers who employ those subject to probation and provide life guidance and advice necessary for continuing work are paid a maximum of 720,000 yen a year.

 Probationer employment incentive for cooperating employers [PDF] (opens in a separate window)

Incentive system in competitive bidding for public construction etc.

 Among local governments, the introduction of incentive systems for cooperating employers in competitive bidding for public construction etc. is spreading.
 If you have any questions, please contact your local probation office.

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