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Law-Related Education

Power to Live! Law-Related Education
 Law-related education aims to enable citizens who are not legal professionals to understand laws, the judicial system, and the values that underlie them.
 The need for law-related education has increased in recent years with the reduction of the voting age in 2016 and the reduction of the age of adulthood, which will come into force in April 2022.
 The Ministry of Justice promotes various initiatives concerning law-related education.

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Examination system for the promotion of law-related education

 In order to make the outcomes of various judicial system reforms, including the lay judge system, familiar to the general public, it is necessary to work on measures to disseminate law-related education. The Law-Related Education Promotion Council was established by the Ministry of Justice in May 2005, and is examining how to promote law-related education from various viewpoints based on the purpose of the report by the Law-Related Education Study Group.

Teaching materials and classes on law-related education

Teaching materials on law-related education

 In order to make it easier to understand the specific content of law-related education and how to implement it, we have created various teaching materials.
 Please utilize them for law-related education in various situations including teacher training and teacher training courses, in addition to classes in school.

  Teaching Materials for Elementary School Students   
  Teaching Materials for Junior High School Students   
  Teaching Materials for High School Students

Instructor dispatch for law-related education classes

 Ministry of Justice staff are dispatched in response to requests from schools and hold classes for elementary, junior high and high school students.

Law-Related Education mascot

 “Hourisu-kun” was selected as the law-related education mascot through a popularity vote to help make it more familiar to the general public. The origin of the name comes combining the words for law (houritsu) and squirrel (risu) in Japanese. “Hourisu-kun” plays an active role in law-related teaching materials.

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