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Research and Training Institute Top Page

The Red-brick Building of the Central Government Office Complex No.6-A
 The Research and Training Institute is an agency of the Ministry of Justice, and its organization consists of 5 departments: the Research Department, Training Department, United Nations Training Cooperation DepartmentInternational Cooperation Department and  General Affairs and Planning Department. (Fundamental Characteristics and History)

Research Department

 The Research Department conducts comprehensive research on criminal justice policy. Its research covers wide-ranging areas such as prosecution, criminal trials, and institutional and community corrections. Recently, in order to carry out research from an international perspective, it is also working to cooperate with other countries.
 The Research Department prepares a White Paper on Crime every year based on its research and study results. It gives consideration to readability by using many colored charts and is working to enhance the information.
 In addition, individual research results are also published in the Research Department Reports.

Training Department

 Besides conducting practical research on legal administration, the Training Department conducts various training programs for relevant personnel of the Public Prosecutors’ Offices, Legal Affairs Bureau, Rehabilitation Bureau and Immigration Services Agency at its headquarters and eight branches throughout the country.
 In addition to training for prosecutors and assistant prosecutors, it conducts managerial, advanced and specialized training for public prosecutors, Legal Affairs Bureau staff, probation officers, immigration officers and immigration control officers, and conducts elementary training for new employees and intermediate training for mid-level employees.
 In order to ensure the effectiveness of the above-mentioned training system, it is strengthening its comprehensive planning functions, and working to carry out more substantial training and administration of facilities while maintaining consistency with the policies of the Ministry of Justice as a whole.

United Nations Training Cooperation Department

 The United Nations Training Cooperation Department was established as an agency of the Research and Training Institute to operate the United Nations Asia and Far East Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFEI) created in Japan based on an agreement between the Japanese government and the United Nations. For this reason, the manager of this department is appointed as the director of UNAFEI. In addition, instructors from the fields of the prosecution, the judiciary, corrections, and rehabilitation are assigned to this department, and administrative staff are in charge of planning and managing various UNAFEI projects focused on the implementation of international training and seminars.

International Cooperation Department

 The International Cooperation Department (ICD) is engaged in legal technical assistance with relevant organizations to draft and revise basic laws and regulations in Asian countries, establish judicial systems and support legal personnel training as part of the Ministry of Justice’s international cooperation activities. Details of the International Cooperation Department activities like these are introduced on the work introduction page of the International Cooperation Department. Please click the link below to proceed.

General Affairs and Planning Department

 The General Affairs and Planning Department is responsible for the comprehensive planning of training and research conducted by the Research and Training Institute, comprehensive coordination with relevant organizations, specialized assistance for research, training, international training and international cooperation departments, and the organization and budget of the Research and Training Institute. In addition, it performs cooperative work such as creating and providing teaching materials used in law schools.

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