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Guidelines for Enterprises to Prevent Damage Caused by Antisocial Forces

June 19, 2007
Agreement at a Meeting of Cabinet Ministers Responsible for Anti-Crime Measures

 In recent years, gangs have strengthened actions to conceal the actual state of their organizations, and the form of their activities has also grown opaque, such as posing as business activities or advocating political activities and social movements. They are also making sophisticated efforts to raise funds through economic activities such as trading stocks and real estate transactions.
 Today, many companies tout their business ethics of not working with antisocial forces including gangs and are promoting various efforts. Taking the above-mentioned situation into account, even if a company has a high awareness of gang exclusion, there is the possibility that it will eventually carry out economic transactions with antisocial forces without knowing it, making it necessary to further promote efforts to cut off relations with them.
 Excluding antisocial forces from society hurts the funding sources of gangs and is an extremely important issue in terms of security measures, but it is also necessary and important for companies from the viewpoint of social responsibility. By refusing to yield to antisocial forces and refusing to provide them with funds, companies can be said to be in compliance with the law.
 Furthermore, antisocial forces make unfair demands targeting employees working in companies, try to take over companies, and ultimately cause serious damage to the company, its employees and shareholders. Because of this, cutting off relations with antisocial forces is an essential requirement from the perspective of corporate defense as well.
 Against this background, the Ministry of Justice has compiled “Guidelines for Enterprises to Prevent Damage Caused by Antisocial Forces”, which establish basic principles and provide concrete measures to companies in order to prevent damage caused by antisocial forces after examining by a working team on comprehensive measures against the funding sources for gangs established under the ministerial meeting concerning measures against crime.
 Relevant ministries and agencies will work to spread awareness in order for companies to implement the items shown in the guideline and increase their effectiveness.


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