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CORE-work (Employment Support Information Center of Correction)

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1. What is CORE-work?

 Role of CORE-work
 CORE-work (Employment Support Information Center of Correction) was established to support the employment of inmates who tend to be at a disadvantage when looking for work because of having a criminal record.
 It matches prisoners with employment by giving support for hiring procedures, such as providing information that will be required for offering special jobs for prisoners, such as desired job types and qualifications or prisoners to Hello Work (public job placement office).

 Origin of name for CORE-work
 The name "CORE-work" is from
Correction: the correction of inmates”
Collection: the collection of information on prisoners nationwide”
By attaching “work” to “CORE”, it shows the determination of the Employment Support Information Center of Correction to be the core of recidivism prevention by providing support to link inmates and others to work.
* The popular name “CORE-work” was decided by the public.
* The Employment Support Information Center of Correction in the Tokyo and Osaka correction headquarters use the popular names "CORE-work East Japan" and "CORE-work West Japan”, respectively.

2. CORE-work Services

 CORE-work (Employment Support Information Center of Correction) offers the following three services to employers who wish to employ inmates and institutionalized persons.

Employment information provision service

Collective management of information such as the qualifications, work history and planned return location of prisoners nationwide

Quickly introduces correction facilities to accommodate those who meet employer's employment needs

Recruitment procedure support service

Broadly supports recruitment procedures at employers' correctional facilities

Job assistance consultation service

Various support systems for employers

Correction facility tours, correction exhibitions and vocational training tours for employers

 In addition, CORE-work also conducts public relations activities for employers and people in various groups to gain understanding and cooperation regarding the employment of prisoners.


Seminar at OSAKA Work Field

 On September 7, 2018, at "OSAKA Work Field", a general employment support facility in Osaka Prefecture, a seminar for employers considering the employment of prisoners was held.
Kakogawa Prison Study Tour

 A study tour was conducted on February 4, 2019 at Kakogawa Prison.

3. CORE-work examples

CORE-work Examples
Use results of CORE-work (as of the end of February 2019)
      Consultations2,137 Finalized contracts503
Map of CORE-work East Japan
Map of CORE-work West Japan

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