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Juvenile Training Schools

Recovering Juveniles

 Through education at juvenile training schools, juveniles look at their own problems, improve and return to society. In order to make the decision not to commit crime or delinquency again a reality, in addition to their own efforts, the warm hearts and support of people in society are essential.
 We ask for everyone’s understanding and support for recovering juveniles.

What are Juvenile Training Schools?

Juvenile Training Schools
 Juvenile training schools are judicial institutions under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice that provide corrective education and reintegration support for the purpose of fostering the sound cultivation of juveniles sent as a protective measure by family courts.

Types of Juvenile Training Schools and Treatment Categories

 Juvenile training schools are divided into three categories depending on the age and mental condition of the juveniles: type 1, type 2 and type 3. It is decided in the family court which type of juvenile training school the juvenile will be sent to.
 In addition, boys and girls have separate facilities except for type 3. There are also type 4 juvenile prisons.

 Each juvenile training school has a correctional education curriculum that defines the main content of correctional education and a standard education period.

Education Policy and Flow

 Each juvenile training school has an established juvenile correctional education curriculum that stipulates the goals, content and implementation methods of correctional education curriculum for a particular juvenile training school. On that basis, according to the characteristics and educational needs of each and every juvenile in the juvenile training school, individualized correctional education plans referring to the information and opinions of family courts and juvenile classification homes, and detailed education plan is carried out.

Various Educational Activities

 In juvenile training school, various educational activities are conducted according to the needs of the juveniles and the location of the facilities. The content of correctional education consists of lifestyle guidance, vocational guidance, school course teaching, physical education and special activities guidance.

 Lifestyle guidance: Acquisition of knowledge and attitudes for living an independent life as a sound member of society

 Vocational guidance: Stimulation of will to work, and acquisition of knowledge and skills useful for work

 School course teaching: Improvement of basic academic ability, and instruction for compulsory education and for high school degree certification examinations

 Physical education: Improvement of basic physical fitness 

 Special activities guidance: Implementation of social contribution activities, outdoor activities, music

 In addition, in order to plan a smooth reintegration into society, while focusing on cooperation with related organizations, we put great effort into supporting the return of juveniles, such as by securing a place of residence, employment or study.
  • Academic Instruction
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Physical Education Guidance
  • Vocational Guidance
  • Special Activities Guidance
    (social contribution activities)
  • Employment Assistance

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