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Juvenile Classification Homes

Juvenile Classification Homes
  Juvenile classification homes are facilities under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice with the duty of (1) classifying juveniles according to requests from family courts, (2) conducting protective treatment including support for sound development for those housed in juvenile classification homes with protective measures, and (3) providing assistance to prevent delinquency and crime in local communities.

 With the entry into force of the Juveniles Act and the Juvenile School Act in 1949, they currently perform duties based on the Juvenile Classification Home Act (Act No. 59 of 2014), which entered into force in 2015.
 One juvenile classification home is located in each high court jurisdiction nationwide for a total of 52 (including six branch juvenile classification homes).

  • Consultation and advice
  • Providing learning opportunities
Flow of Proceeding for Juvenile Offenders/Delinquents
  Juvenile delinquents referred by a family court's decision will be treated generally in the process as shown above.


Flow of Classification
 Classification is clarifying the qualitative circumstances and environmental problems that caused the delinquencies based on specialized knowledge and techniques such as medicine, psychology, pedagogy and sociology, and indicating appropriate guidelines in order to contribute to the improvement of those circumstances.

 Classification is performed according to the demands of family courts, regional parole boards, the heads of probation offices, the heads of child self-reliance support facilities, the heads of residential care facilities for children, the heads of juvenile training schools or the heads of penal institutions.

 At the request of a family court, the process of the classification performed for those who were taken and detained is as shown above.
  • Interview by technical official
  • Psychological test

Community support work

Symbol of Juvenile Support Centers
 “Juvenile support centers": utilizing expertise and know-how related to programs regarding delinquency and crime, and understanding the behavior of adolescents, juvenile classification homes work to support activities related to the sound development and the prevention of delinquencies and crimes in the community while working together with related organizations and groups involved in the sound development of young people, such as child welfare institutions, schools and educational institutions, and private organizations including NPOs.

Main support content

  • Investigation of a child’s capabilities and character
  • Analysis of problem behavior and suggestion of teaching methods
  • Psychological consultation for children and guardians
  • Participation in case study meetings
  • Training and lectures
  • Law-related classes
  • Participation in meetings sponsored by relevant organizations in the community
  • Psychological consultation and analysis of problem behavior for adults
  • Other
  • Lecture by the juvenile classification home staff
  • Law-related education class

Consultation for delinquency of children

 Juvenile classification homes (juvenile support centers) answer questions from juveniles themselves and their family about troubles that youth have.
 Please see the following webpage for details.

   Consultation for delinquency of children
Please inquire at your nearest juvenile classification home for more details.

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