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Voluntary visitors

Voluntary Visitors System

 At correction facilities (prisons, juvenile prisons, women’s guidance homes, etc.) nationwide, various types of treatment and education are conducted to improve the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates and juvenile offenders.
 The problems faced by these people are complex and diverse and reflect the situation in modern society. If the power of correctional personnel who are civil servants is not enough, there is the need for the cooperation of private volunteers with expertise and rich experience.
 Therefore, the Voluntary Visitors System was established, and many voluntary visitors commissioned by the Ministry of Justice continue various activities to improve and rehabilitate inmates and juvenile offenders, playing a big role in realizing a safe and bright society.

Activities of Voluntary Visitors

 They work with people in correctional institutions in various ways.
Voluntary visitorsVoluntary visitors
Consultation/Advice about various troubles・・・ Home problems, work/legal consultation, etc.
Teaching about culture and hobbies・・・ Haiku/Tanka, music, calligraphy, abacus calculation, etc.
Other guidance・・・ Guidance for drug use, traffic safety, alcohol education, etc.

Voluntary Chaplains

 In response to the wishes of inmates in correctional facilities, voluntary chaplains who are private volunteer counselors conduct religious counseling, providing spiritual stability while securing religious freedom and contributing to the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates and juvenile offenders.
 There are two types of religious counseling: group counseling where those who wish to receive religious counseling of the same religious denomination gather together; and individual counseling performed individually.

Voluntary Chaplains

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