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The Review and Prospects of Internal and External Situations (issued in January 2006)


  1. Overall Situations of Public Security in 2005
  2. Focal Issues of International Public Security in 2005
    1. North Korean Government and Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan)
    (1) The nuclear issue of North Korea shows further complication after Joint Statement
    (2) Governments of Japan and North Korea resume talks while the two countries disagree on the authenticity of the alleged remains of an abduction victim.
    (3) North Korea seeks stability by tightening control, winning support from China and South Korea, and advancing diplomacy
    (4) China and North Korea become even closer with Hu Jintao' s visit to North Korea
    (5) North Korea tries to create a sense of progress in the relationship with the South
    (6) Chongryon attempts to recover and strengthen its leadership
    2. China
    (1) Hu Jintao administration makes efforts to enhance the systems in all phases of domestic policy, diplomacy, economy, and military
    (2) Chinese leaders positively develop diplomacy with the rest of the world
    (3) While declaring the importance of the relationship with Japan, China continues to emphasize the "historical perception" issue and tries to restrain the expansion of Japan's political influence in international society
    (4) China establishes "Anti-secession Law" to restrain Taiwan's independence
    3. Russia
    begins to move toward establishing the framework for a successor to President Vladimir Putin
    4. Middle East and Asia
    (1) Terrorist attacks continue while the transition process sets in motion in Iraq
    (2) Concerns about Iran's nuclear development issue
    (3) Middle East peace process still unpredictable even after Israel' s withdrawal from Gaza
    (4) Taliban becomes more active despite the ongoing democratization process in Afghanistan
    (5) The U.S., China and Russia play a diplomatic tug-of-war in Central Asia
    5. International Terrorism
    (1) Spreading threat of Islamic extremism
    (2) Anti-terrorist measures employed by Japan and Western states
  3. Focal Issues of Domestic Public Security Situation in 2005
    1. Aum Shinrikyo
    (1) While Asahara still maintains his absolute influence, the rift intensifies between Fumihiro Joyu, who advocates a reform drive, and his opponents
    (2) On-site inspections were carried out on a total of 29 Aum Shinrikyo facilities.
    2.Moves by Various Japanese Organizations in Response to Situations involving Iraq
    Various domestic groups continue moves related to the deployment of Self-Defense Forces (SDF) in Iraq.
    3. The Japanese Communist Party and Radical leftist groups
    (1) The Japanese Communist Party and radical leftist groups have intensified their anti-U.S. military stance and antinuclear activities in the wake of the reorganization of U.S. troops in Japan and the 60th anniversary of the atomic bombings.
    (2) The Japanese Communist Party and radical leftist groups have criticized the government on, among others, amendment of the Constitution, selection of history textbooks, and Prime Minister Koizumi' s formal visits to Yasukuni Shrine.
    (3) Radical leftist groups seek to spread their influence to the wider public
    (4) The Japanese Communist Party claims its raison d' etre as an opposition party
    (5) The Japanese Red Army has yet to resume any activity in Japan
    (6) Japanese anti-globalization groups seek to strengthen their activities in East Asia
    4. Right-wing Groups
    Japanese right-wing groups focus their activities on diplomatic and territorial issues with China and Korea
    5. Cults and cult-like organizations
    Cults and cult-like organizations engaged in various activities based on their idiosyncratic ideas and principles
  4. Public Security Intelligence Agency' s Activities in 2005 and Planned Activities for Future Implementation

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