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Recidivism Prevention Measures

      Measures to prevent recidivism are initiatives for the realization of a safe and secure society.

 Do you know what happens after someone commits a crime or delinquency?
 The Ministry of Justice is promoting “recidivism prevention measures”, which guide and support people so they do not commit crimes again after returning to society. The aim of guidance and support is to encourage those who committed crimes to repent and become members of society again without returning to crime or delinquency, leading to a safe and secure society for all.
 To achieve this, the Ministry relies on public understanding and support for recidivism prevention measures.

Act for the Prevention of Recidivism

 In December 2016, "Act for the Prevention of Recidivism" was promulgated and entered into force. In order to realize a society where everyone can live safely and with peace of mind, the Act  clearly states the responsibilities of national and local public organizations, highlights fundamental points of the measures, and comprehensively and methodically promotes measures to prevent recidivism.

❑Entry into force of the “Act for the Prevention of Recidivism ”[Full text] 

Recidivism Prevention Promotion Plan

Those who Support Recidivism Prevention Measures

Information and aware-raising activities on recidivism prevention

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