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Jakarta: Independence Monument (Monas)
 With a population of approximately 249 million, Indonesia has achieved steady economic growth in recent years. As a foundation for sustaining further growth, it realizes the need to improve its legal and judicial systems.
 Upon receipt of a request for assistance from the Indonesian government, the ICD, in cooperation with JICA and the International Civil and Commercial Law Centre Foundation (ICCLC), implemented a two-year Project on Improvement of the Mediation System beginning in March 2007. This project provided assistance in: 1) Revising regulations of the Supreme Court on mediation; 2) Improving the devices necessary for training mediators; and 3) Disseminating the court-annexed mediation system.
 Upon completion of the project, the Supreme Court of Indonesia expressed its intent to continue learning from the Japanese legal system and experiences. In response to this request (since Apr. 2010) the MOJ has developed unique cooperative activities with Indonesia to improve its judicial training system, by inviting Indonesian judges to joint studies of personnel capacity-building systems held in Japan, etc.
 In addition, since December 2015, JICA's new project has been launched over a five-year schedule. The project aims to strengthen the system to protect intellectual property rights and to establish a mechanism to improve legal consistency in business-related laws (with a focus on intellectual property laws) in Indonesia targeting the Supreme Court of Indonesia, the Directorate General of Legislation, and the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The ICD is dispatching staff to the country over a long period of time and is fully supporting the project in activities such as planning, conducting training and inviting relevant Indonesian officials to Japan.

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