For Victims of Crime


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  Crime victims or their bereaved family members have various concerns about how criminal proceedings are carried out, what they can do, or what support they can receive.

  When a crime has been committed, usually the police conduct an investigation, and all cases are referred to the public prosecutor. The prosecutor then conducts necessary investigations, such as questioning of the suspects and witnesses, evaluation of collected evidence, and decides whether or not to prosecute. Further, when a case is brought to trial, the prosecutor examines witnesses, makes a closing statement, and recommends a sentence to ensure an appropriate punishment.

  In order to carry out investigations and trials, cooperation from the victims is essential. Victims assist the criminal justice process by agreeing to be interviewed by the prosecutor and/or testifying at trial. Through such assistance, the truth will be revealed, resulting in the appropriate level of punishment that corresponds to the severity of the offense committed.

  At the same time, it is not uncommon for victims, who face various difficulties resulting from the crime, to be in need of appropriate support. The Public Prosecutors’ Offices endeavor to protect and support victims by listening to their needs and/or notifying them of the disposition of the case.


  This pamphlet describes protection and support services for the victims of crime or their bereaved family members offered by the Public Prosecutors’ Office in accordance with each stage of the criminal justice process, including investigation, trial, etc.

 We hope that referencing this pamphlet on support services will be of some help to crime victims or their bereaved family members.

 Additionally, if you have any questions about this pamphlet, please use the Victim Support Hotline and inquire to the Victim Support Officers or staff of the Public Prosecutors' Office.

  If you have any requests or questions concerning investigation and trial, please consult with the public prosecutors at the nearest Public Prosecutors' Office.

For Victims of Crime

If you encounter crime (DVD)

If you encounter crime (DVD)
This DVD explains the protection and support given to victims of crime by the Public Prosecutors' Office depending on the situation, such as the investigation stage or trial stage, with easy-to-understand commentary. You can watch the DVD here (approx. 20 mins). The website mentioned here uses the services of YouTube, the video distribution website operated by Google LLC, under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. The website address is current as of June 1, 2015. The website address may have been deleted or changed. Please confirm the latest address.

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