Criminal Affairs Bureau

Criminal Affairs Bureau

 The Criminal Affairs Bureau is responsible for, among other things, the planning and drafting of criminal justice legislation, such as the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure; the affairs regarding prosecution; and the affairs regarding extradition of criminals and fugitives as well as international mutual legal assistance.

Planning and Drafting of Criminal Legislation
Affairs regarding Prosecution
Affairs regarding Extradition of Criminals and International Mutual Legal Assistance

International Conferences
Past Laws Submitted to the Diet

Public Prosecutors’ Office

 The function of the Public Prosecutors’ Office is to exercise control over all the work handled by the public prosecutors. The public prosecutors’ offices consist of the Supreme Public Prosecutors’ Office, the High Public Prosecutors’ Offices, the District Public Prosecutors’ Offices and Local Public Prosecutors’ Offices. The high and district public prosecutors’ offices have branches to handle parts of their work. Public prosecutors’ offices are staffed with public prosecutors and public prosecutors’ assistant officers.
 In criminal cases, public prosecutors have the power to investigate any criminal offense, decide whether or not to institute prosecution, request proper application of law to courts and control/supervise the execution of judgment; furthermore, as representatives of the public interest, they are also granted authority by the Civil Code and other laws.
 Prosecutorial power is exercised for the purpose of the maintenance of the law and order of the nation and society. The exercise of prosecutorial power is based on the principle of strict fairness and impartiality, and cases are handled with due respect to the human rights of the suspects.

Trend of Criminal Cases                                        
History and Organization of Public Prosecutors' Office                         
Duties of Public Prosecutors and Public Prosecutors’ Assistance Officers              
Criminal Case Flow Chart                   
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