Minister's Secretariat

Secretarial Division

 The Secretarial Division is in charge of secretary work for the Minister of Justice, etc., overall coordination of administration of each department, clerical work pertinent to the National Diet, public relations, liaison, etc.

Personnel Division

 The Personnel Division is in charge of the general affairs of National Bar Examination Commission and clerical work accompanying its exams, etc. as well as clerical work pertinent to human resources such as the quota, appointment and dismissal of employees.

Finance Division

 The Finance Division is in charge of the budget, auditing and revenues and expenditures of the Ministry of Justice.

International Affairs Division

 The International Affairs Division is in charge of developing basic policy and overall coordination concerning international affairs of the Ministry of Justice, hosting international conferences and arranging courtesy calls for officials from abroad, among other things.

 The 14th United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (The Kyoto Congress)


Facilities Division

 The Facilities Division engages in the design, construction work and maintenance of the facilities under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, and also in international cooperation to help foreign governments build correctional institutions.
 Brochure of the Facilities Division【PDF】

Director of the Welfare Division

 The Director of the Welfare Division is in charge of clerical work pertinent to mutual aid associations, the benefits and welfare as well as efficiency enhancement of the employees, pension and accident compensation.

Judicial System Department

 The Judicial System Department is in charge of the work of conducting research and studies as well as drafting of laws and regulations on the judicial system. The clerical work includes: the work of collecting, filing, compiling and publishing of data on laws and regulations, court precedents and legal affairs; the administration of the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Justice; the administration of the Ministry of Justice Library and the Ministry of Justice Museum-Message Gallery; the compilation of statistics on the work handled by the Ministry; matters concerning comprehensive legal support; matters concerning law-related education; matters concerning the qualification of attorney-at-law (bengoshi) certified by the Minister of Justice; matters concerning registered foreign lawyers as” Gaikoku-Ho-Jimu-Bengoshi (Gaiben)”; matters concerning the examination of license and authorization and the supervision of the claim management and collection companies (servicers); and matters concerning the certification of private dispute resolution services.

Legal Services
Ensuring that the Results of the Justice System Reforms Take Root
Promotion of Systems for Comprehensive Legal Support
Reinforcement and Revitalization of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Promotion of Translation of Japanese Laws
Enrichment and Development of Law-Related Education

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