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Human Rights Counseling on the Internet
(Available: 24-hours)

Counseling is also available via the Internet from anywhere and at any time.

When you send a counseling form with your name, address, age and counseling subject, the nearest Legal Affairs Bureau or District Legal Affairs Bureau will respond to you later by e-mail or phone; or provide counseling face-to-face.

Please note that consultation may not be available depending on the situation of the terminal. In that case, please use the human rights consultation dial in foreign languages (weekdays 9AM to 5PM).

Human Rights Counseling Service on the Internet Scheduled Disconnection Notice

Human Rights Counseling Service on the Internet will be temporally unavailable due to upcoming maintenance scheduled below.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Planned Disconnection:
On Friday, March 24th, at 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
*Please note that the maintenance completion time is subject to change. 

The Human rights counseling on the Internet is available here

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