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Awareness-raising Activities Awareness-raising Activities

Human rights activities in cooperation with other organizations

Human Rights Awareness-raising Activities Network

The networks of human rights awareness-raising activities aim to promote comprehensive and effective human rights awareness-raising activities by cooperating with human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice, the local governments, human rights volunteers organizations and other related organizations and groups, depending on their individual roles.

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Cooperation with athletic organizations

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice, in order to spread the concept of respect for human rights among young people, conduct human rights awareness-raising activities in cooperation with athletic organizations including J-League clubs that are based on a spirit of fair play and are influential on young people and regional societies.

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Cooperation with private companies

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice have conducted various awareness-raising activities in association with famous private companies in a respective area so that citizens pay more attention to human rights awareness-raising activities.

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Human Rights Achievement Awards

The human rights achievement award is given to an entity or a person who contributes notably to human rights protection and promotion activities by the Minister of Justice and the head of the National Federation of Associations of Human Rights Volunteers.

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