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What We Do

Human Rights Counseling

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice-officials of Legal Affairs Bureaus and Human Rights Volunteers-provide human rights counseling face-to-face or by phone and e-mail. For those who have difficulty speaking Japanese, the counseling is provided in multiple languages.

Please contact us for counseling when:

  • you are refused as tenant of an apartment because of your nationality
  • you have received corporal punishment or are bullied
  • your privacy is violated on the Internet
  • you recognize abuse of an elderly person or a child
  • you are sexually harassed
  • your credit has been damaged or you have been defamed by an incorrect rumor
  • you are bothered by noise in the neighborhood

Details for Human Rights Counseling and Human Rights Counseling for Foreigners

Remedy Procedures

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice will commence remedy procedures upon receiving an allegation by a victim that their human rights have been violated and, based on the result, the human rights bodies will take appropriate measures depending on the case.

Details of Remedy Procedures

Awareness-raising Activities

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice conduct various awareness-raising activities to improve each citizen’s awareness and understanding of human rights.

Details of awareness-raising activities

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