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Children’s Rights SOS Mini-Letters

The human rights bodies of the Ministry of Justice have distributed “Children’s Rights SOS Mini-Letters”, which are pre-stamped and addressed sealable postcards, to elementary and junior high school students nationwide for countering issues such as school bullying and abuse at home.

When a student writes about his/her trouble in a SOS Mini-Letter seals and posts it, the Letter is sent to the nearest Legal Affairs Bureau or District Legal Affairs Bureau. Postal stamps are not necessary.

An official of the Bureau or a human rights volunteer will then respond to the letter by sending a reply or by calling on the phone based on the request of the student.

Through this project, the bodies of the Ministry of Justice are able to properly grasp the troubles of children who are not able to consult with teachers or their parents about their difficulties and will seek to resolve human rights issues surrounding children in association with schools and related authorities.

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